A Future Look at Going Green

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Imagine a world where going green is the new “religion” of sorts, which means that a new “green handbook” will serve as a green bible for the masses of today in order to protect the earth for the masses of tomorrow. Our society is not too far off from making this happen, as going green in all areas of our lives continues to take center stage. Here is a look from US Green Technology at how going green could drastically affect our lives in the future—ranging from the predominance of green jobs to an increasing number of green standards that govern our everyday lives.

A New Eco-living Standard

Just as standards exist for green construction (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification), green standards very well could exist for everyday living. For instance, imagine having to legally track the number of miles you drive a traditional gas-guzzling vehicle, or track the amount of electricity you burn monthly, or even track the amount of garbage you produce. Then, imagine facing the threat of getting into trouble if you exceed the number of “non-green points” that you are allowed in certain period of time, based on a new national or international sustainability standard.

Going green can be an enjoyable experience, though—one in which you don’t have to engage by force—if you opt to go green on your own volition, starting today. As eco-friendly vehicles (such as hybrid cars or electric trucks) become more affordable and effective during the next few years, taking advantage of these modes of transportation can help you to save gas costs while also saving you time at the pump—not to mention that it will help to save Mother Earth, too.

Furthermore, institute a recycling program in your home: If you take this seriously, you can have a positive impact on landfills. Tracking your own electricity usage by choice will also prevent you from having to participate in energy rationing in the future—which is a possibility if consumers keep overly consuming electricity or don’t use more energy-efficient devices now.

New Green Jobs Standard

In addition, imagine living in a world where all jobs that are advertised are green jobs in some fashion; every company must institute green best practices to improve its production processes; and every employee must abide by these green standards. In fact, consider the “non-green points” tracking standard mentioned earlier. What if you had to share data on your personal number of “non-green points” with future employers on your resume?

green jobs

Being sustainable in the business world today means instituting green strategies and promoting eco-friendly living among employees. The more employees who choose to make any jobs in which they work green jobs—simply by examining their tasks and determining how they can better serve the environment while serving their companies—the more “being green” will be a natural process.

Also, if more companies voluntarily focus on being sustainable, they can set a green job precedent for the future—one that is globally embraced rather than forced. The question is, how responsible is each business person and employee willing to be in the united fight to save the environment for generations to come?

Written by YaShekia King, a writer for U.S. Green Technology. Electrician installing solar panels on the roof of a building image from BigStock.

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