Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 225

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The room smells a bit like a chip shop. There is a reason for that. They are making biodiesel – converting vegetable oil from local McDonald’s restaurants so that it can be used to fuel trucks.

Modern wind turbines are actually a pretty simple concept based on age-old science. The inherent kinetic energy in moving wind spins two, three, or even four propellor blades which are connected to a rotor hub. How a wind turbine works.

It won’t be easy to run a national railway on renewable energy like wind, hydro and solar power but that is what Germany’s Deutsche Bahn aims to do for one simple reason: it’s what consumers want.

I think plenty about organic food but admittedly I’ve never once thought about whether the origin of the various kinds of wine that I drink is at all green. Organic and Biodynamic Wine and Lapostolle

The Nissan Leaf can run 70-plus miles on a single charge. Now, it can also power a family home for two days if it needs to.

I was raised in a suburb that people don’t normally think of as a suburb. The woods were mostly intact when I was growing up, and that’s where I spent my time. I’d climb rocks, follow the brook, smell the skunk cabbage and, almost annually, get a bad case of poison ivy. That was the price to pay for living with nature.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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