Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 234

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A weekly roundup of important green news stories from around the web…

In most homes and apartments, cooking takes place on a stove, in an oven, or, on those nights when you’re just too tired to think, in the microwave. But these aren’t the only ways to prepare a meal, and they’re certainly not the most energy efficient.

The brouhaha in the press about bike lanes seems to have subsided for now and the buzz has turned to New York City’s plan to launch the largest bikeshare program in the country.

Protesers from all causes and all ends of the political spectrum are lining up to protest Barack Obama when he arrives today for a fundraiser. But the biggest, most organized group are environmentalists enraged about the Tar Sands pipeline, led by a former member of Obama’s team.

Environmentalists are vowing to continue their fight against genetically engineered “frankentrees” after losing a test case in Florida earlier this month.

Honking cars emit foul black clouds, skyscrapers blot out the sun, litter lines the gutters and healthy green space can be hard to come by. But in many of America’s biggest cities, these negative traits are being eclipsed by clean, efficient public transit, bike-friendly infrastructure, multiplying trees, reliance on renewable energy and a fierce pride in locally-produced products.

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the US and the e-waste handlers can’t keep up. So who do they turn to for help?

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