Green News For The Weekend Volume 257

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Spring means one thing to the American sports fan — the start of a new Major League Baseball (MLB) season. For the environmentally conscious sports fan, however, it means the debut of new sustainability initiatives at ballparks across the country as the MLB continues its efforts to go green.

Lawmakers voted 44-5 Wednesday to give final approval to a bill (LB1161) that will allow Nebraska to proceed with a $2 million study to find a route for TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline through the state.

Today, the environmental movement has become inundated with front-groups, financed by dirty industries. These front groups often fall under the guise of foundations. Unfortunately, not even the best of the long-standing environmental groups are above becoming ensnared in such webs of deception as corporations, governments and, in this case, the global Lush brand.

When the temperature starts to soar in the springtime, so do volunteer opportunities in your community. Chances are, there are a few green causes to which you can lend your time! And if you volunteer not for a green cause, but for something that still helps people, that’s great too. Here are three tips for volunteering.

The most common narrative spun by opponents of regulating of carbon dioxide is that doing anything to intentionally raise energy prices is tantamount to crushing the American economy. Some of the loudest supporters of that narrative are titans of industry who argue that putting a price on carbon would effectively drive America back to the age of the horse and buggy. But Elon Musk is not your average titan. At a recent conference in Santa Barbara, the founder of PayPal, XPrize and Tesla Motors voiced his support for a carbon tax to address carbon emissions.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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