Green News For The Weekend Volume 260

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A collection of green news from the past week..

Opponents of genetically modified foods are making headway in California with a proposed ballot initiative that would require food companies to label many products containing such ingredients.

It’s not enough to look at just the amount of water available in a given area when assessing local water resources, according to Growing Blue. Water managers and urban planners also need to take into consideration the impact of human activities on those resources, and thanks to a new web tool, a more accurate water footprint can be calculated.

I cannot recommend the documentary Forks Over Knives enough to you guys. It has changed the way we eat here at my house.

Natural cereal brand Kashi made headlines in recent weeks after information about the company’s corporate ownership and use of genetically modified and pesticide-containing ingredients went viral in the social media space.

The changes to the 2013 Chevy Volt bring several welcome updates to an already-winning formula. The most notable, however, is the new EV Hold driving mode that joins the Normal, Sport, and Mountain modes. What does EV Hold do and when would it be useful?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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