Green News For The Weekend Volume 262

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A collection of green news from the past week..

Going green is a lifestyle you have adopted and made your own, but sometimes it may be hard to get your child on board. Children are less likely to go green on their own. Here are 7 ways you can help your child follow in your carbon footprint.

Instead of working on your golf game, or taking a cruise, or vegging out and catching up on all of the shows in your TiVo, for your next vacation you may want to consider a more earthy and back-to-the-roots getaway instead. Take the family on a “farmstay” vacation on a real working farm and experience food, as seen from the grower’s point of view.

On April 13 the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first-ever rules to limit carbon dioxide pollution from new power plants. The new rules will reduce the pollution added by new power plants by 123 billion pounds annually.

We installed windmills and solar panels, recycled and composted, and became more mindful of our footprint. Still, we felt safe from the worst ravages of global warming in our bucolic corner of the “first” world here in New England. The real catastrophes were “out there” in sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh, the Andes or tiny Pacific islands. Then global warming crashed our party in paradise.

A SeaWorld experiment to reduce plastic bags that started in San Diego has spread nationwide. The theme park announced Thursday that it will eliminate plastic bags from gift shops at 10 locations over the next year. Gift shops will offer paper bags made from recycled paper, or guests can choose to purchase reusable bags.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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