Green News For The Weekend Volume 263

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A collection of green news from the past week..

Are people who buy organic food a bunch of selfish, judgmental a-holes? That’s basically the conclusion of a new study published in the journal Social Psychology & Personality Science.

There’s a big need for Americans to become more educated about what energy actually is, how it powers our lives, what problems it causes, what problems it solves and — perhaps most importantly — the enormous scale of our energy challenges. That’s where The Watt? comes in.

Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation Wednesday to adopt a ban on plastic bags at supermarket checkout lines, handing a major victory to clean-water advocates who sought to reduce the amount of trash clogging landfills, the region’s waterways and the ocean.

The farm bill, that cyclical flashpoint, is up for reauthorization in Congress this year, and reforms are needed to help small and organic farms obtain crop insurance, the Union of Concerned Scientists argues in a new report.

Think tank Third Way explains in a new report that while domestic investment in American clean energy wanes, foreign investment in the U.S. is growing, and that’s bad news for U.S. companies.

Los Angeles may be one of the first global cities to adopt a new electric freight trucking system, unveiled by electrical engineering giant Siemens Corp. last week at the 26th Electric Vehicle Symposium, or EVS26.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

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