Green News For The Weekend Volume 264

A collection of green news for you to read up on this weekend…

In a new study of popular products purchased from grocery stores in Dallas, Texas, researchers found that nearly half of the sampled peanut butter and cold cuts, as well as turkey, fish, beef and other fatty foods, contained traces of a flame retardant commonly used in the foam insulation of building walls.

In the handmade soap and cosmetics industry, there can be a lot of misleading language. For example, “natural” doesn’t always mean that a product is 100%, 10%, or even 1% natural. Instead, many products that carry the title “natural” may only contain some trace of something that is natural, a plant essence, extract, or vitamin for example, while the rest of the product is composed from the same harmful detergents and chemicals that its non-natural counterparts are.

Although summer won’t officially be here until mid June, many people are already planning their summer vacations. To help you with that, I’ve come up with a few ideas for environmentally-friendly summer excursions you are sure to enjoy. If done right they will all have a smaller impact on the environment than “traditional” summer activities.

There’s no doubt that some opposed to environmental action fudge statistics to their advantage. But can large differences in data from like-minded organizations also undermine widespread efforts to “go green” by ordinary people?

Corn-based-sweetener manufacturers may be singing a sour tune today. The Food and Drug Administration just ruled that the ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup that sweetens many of our candies, sodas and snacks cannot be called “corn sugar.”

Happy June!

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