Green News For The Weekend Volume 268

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A collection of green news for you to check out this weekend whilst drinking coffee…

The potential impacts of rising seas are significant. “As an example, for New York City it has been shown that one metre of sea level rise could raise the frequency of severe flooding from once per century to once every three years,” says Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, co-author of the study. Also, low lying deltaic countries like Bangladesh and many small island states are likely to be severely affected.

It’s hard to imagine a pacifier or a rubber ducky making your child fat. But new research suggests that chemicals called phthalates, which are found in the plastics that pacifiers and toys are typically made of, may be linked to higher rates of obesity in children.

There is no longer any question of preventing climate change. Some 98 percent of working climate scientists agree that the atmosphere is already warming in response to human greenhouse-gas emissions, and the most recent research suggests that we are on a path toward what were once considered “worst case” scenarios. How much warmer must it get before things really go to hell?

The 150 billion Rupee ($2.7 billion) Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar metro rail project in Western India will be the first rail development in India to mainly run on renewable energy. According to a report from the Indian Express, the project will be powered by a 20-megawatt wind power plant.

The British government’s recent announcement that it will mandate carbon reporting from the nation’s largest corporations is being greeted with enthusiasm by supporters of sustainable corporate growth. But skeptics say the required carbon reporting will add new economic burdens to affected companies.

The first thing any responsible report about global warming and the weather should say is: There is no way for anyone to say that a single event was caused by global warming. What we can say is that scientists have not only predicted that global warming will increase fire risk, particularly in the Western U.S., but that it has already produced more fires.

For most Americans recycling is a standard part of our daily, or at least weekly, lives. When even NASCAR is recycling and going green, you know you’re in the mainstream. Most of us realize recycling helps conserves natural resources and saves space in our landfills. But you may not be aware that recycling also helps to reduce air and water pollution and conserves energy and water.

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