Green News For The Weekend Volume 269

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Check out some green news from the past week…

We can now admit it: global climate change is one big hoax. But let’s give credit to the special effects experts who have given us wildfires, downpour, and record heat this past month.

Power plants are guzzling water across the United States and increasing the risk of blackouts in the Southeast, where the precious resource is drying up. “Burning Our Rivers,” a new report by the River Network, found that it takes about 40,000 gallons of water to meet the average American household’s energy needs.

Chinese researchers have just given you one more reason to ditch canned soup for good: The controversial chemical BPA used in canned-good linings, as well as in certain types of plastics and the coatings for cash-register receipts, has been associated with higher rates of brain cancer.

Is it just freakish weather or something more? Climate scientists suggest that if you want a glimpse of some of the worst of global warming, take a look at U.S. weather in recent weeks. These are the kinds of extremes experts have predicted will come with climate change.

Most news from nature is depressing—species extinctions, changing climate, dying oceans. Yet it’s not all bad… though we might never know it, since positive news is underreported. 5 Pieces of Good News From Planet Earth.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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