Green News For The Weekend Volume 270

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Here are some green news stories from the past week

With the installation of nearly $345,000 worth of energy efficient devices and systems, the Arbor Brewing Company and its Ypsilanti location, the Corner Brewery, will become Michigan’s first solar breweries.

NOAA announced today a major advance in the ability to predict mass coral bleaching – providing the probability of bleaching up to four months into the future – with a newly developed global seasonal outlook system.

A few years ago I wrote a blog about Richardsville Elementary School, the first Net-Zero Energy public school in the United States. Well, it’s been almost two years since that incredible accomplishment, so I figured it was due time to give you an update on Richardsville Elementary and Sherman Carter Barnhart’s (the green architects who designed the school) latest endeavors.

#stopmonsanto is a scripted movie about five young activists who protest the actions of Monsanto by launching a #stopmonsanto campaign. The story begins with our main character attending an anti-Monsanto rally in an effort to impress his ex-girlfriend. While at the rally, he learns about Monsanto and soon becomes very involved in protesting against the company. Along the way, he teams up with several like-minded young people and they work together to raise awareness about Monsanto. When their initial methods of protest do not work, they perform a series of attention grabbing stunts. The protestors’ actions put them in directly in the company’s sight, with devastating consequences.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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