Green News For The Weekend Volume 279

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Time to get your weekly green news fix!

In the sustainable fashion world, Brazilian shoe brand Melissa has attracted a cult following among women searching for shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly. Has Melissa earned its eco-friendly reputation? Love this series.

With the approval of the Obama Administration, Royal Dutch Shell began drilling into the ocean floor of the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska yesterday morning. The controversial operation, which has been vehemently opposed by environmental and Native groups, will likely only last a few weeks this year until the Arctic winter sets in. Obama has done a lot of good stuff, but he does still support drilling almost anywhere we can get oil from. That’s the Obama I don’t like.

The record loss of Arctic sea ice this summer will echo throughout the weather patterns affecting the U.S. and Europe this winter, climate scientists said on Wednesday, since added heat in the Arctic influences the jet stream and may make extreme weather and climate events more likely. Think this summer has been bad? Wait another couple of years.

The first eight months of 2012 have been the warmest of any year on record in the contiguous United States, and this has been the third-hottest summer since record-keeping began in 1895. Hot is an understatement.

When you think of multinational corporations, you probably don’t think of the Serco Group. Not because they aren’t big (Serco Group controls prisons, nuclear contracts, and weapons on almost every continent), but because they don’t like publicity.

A housing development project in River Falls, Wisconsin will produce all its own power and is the largest of its kind in the nation for Habitat for Humanity, the sixth-biggest U.S. home builder last year. The nonprofit says the development will create affordable housing at a time when mortgages have become tougher to get. It will also serve as a national model, showing for-profit developers that homes can be both energy-efficient and economical on a large scale. Ending on some good news; I should continue doing that each week.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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