Green News For The Weekend Volume 280

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Some green news for you to catch up on this weekend in case you missed them…

The state of Vermont in the US has banned it. The countries of France and Bulgaria have banned it too. What is it about fracking that has so many people up in arms but energy companies chomping at the bit to get involved? If you missed it, check out my article published at

The owner of a North Side office-industrial building is putting a new spin on the green roof, bringing in a New York firm that plans to grow lettuce, tomatoes and herbs in a rooftop greenhouse there. Go Chicago!

Joining the chorus of influential voices in opposition to offshore drilling in the Arctic, British lawmakers today called for a halt to drilling in the Arctic Ocean until necessary steps are taken to protect the region from the potentially catastrophic consequences of an oil spill. Never mind the fact that all the ice is melting anyway…

Once a year, on the third Friday of September, people around the world celebrate PARK(ing) Day. What is PARK(ing) Day? Well, in simple terms, it is a biofriendly way to get your park on. Will have to see if there is one around here somewhere!

Fabled as a wily shape-shifter and trickster, the coyote’s latest magic trick has been turning cities into habitat, and San Francisco is one of its latest acts.
Coyotes may have evolved in the plains and deserts of Mexico and North America, but they’ve rapidly expanded their range and are now making new homes for themselves in some of the largest urban centers, including Chicago, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and now San Francisco.

Emeco (The Electric Machine and Equipment Co.) has been producing chairs from reclaimed and recycled materials in Hanover, PA since 1944. Best known for the Emeco1006 chair (also called the Navy Chair) made from recycled aluminum, their mission is to make things that last. In keeping with this goal, they recently collaborated again with friend Phillipe Starck to create the Broom Chair.

Director Zofia Hausman was shocked a couple of years ago when she began to learn about GMOs and their effects on our health and our environment and on agriculture. What she found just as alarming: over 70 percent of the food on grocery store shelves contains GMO ingredients. She was sickened, and now she wants to do something about it by telling the stories of four activists – or agtivists – who are trying to change things.

Hope you have a great weekend, everyone.

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