Green News For The Weekend Volume 290

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Happy December! Here’s some important green news you may have missed over the last week…

The worst potential scenario for sea level rise around the US coastline this century is more than two meters, says an authoritative report issued today by NOAA’s Climate Program Office.

The holidays are here and I’d say, if you were able to make it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you are doing well. The question now becomes how to get through the rest of the holiday season without significantly increasing your environmental footprint and putting a massive dent in all the green work you have done over the past year.

Thanks to people like you, we were able to convince Zara, the world’s largest retailer, to commit to work with its suppliers and take action to end its addiction to hazardous chemicals. Levi’s, the world’s biggest jeans producer, has yet to make a credible commitment to clean up its toxic habit or make public a plan for how it will work with its suppliers to release their pollution data.

Facing mandates from the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and a 2009 executive order from President Obama, federal government agencies are working to reduce energy and potable water consumption in their buildings.

From corporate campuses to thousands of schoolyards and backyards across the country, from hospital grounds to the White House lawn, interest in edible gardens has exploded over the last decade. For good reason. Growing our own food, when done by many people, is part of the solution to some of society’s most pernicious problems — food safety, diet-related illness epidemics, food waste, food insecurity, disaster response, environmental degradation and even climate change itself.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has figured out how Americans can cut their oil consumption in half within 20 years. Sound impossible? Not really, according to scientists and engineers who have done calculations for us non-math majors.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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