Green News For The Weekend Volume 299

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A few green news stories you may have missed from the last week.

Republican Bob Inglis’ statement that he believed in human-caused climate change helped cost him his seat in Congress. In a Yale Environment 360 interview, Inglis explains why he is now trying to persuade his fellow conservatives that their principles can help save the planet.

Less than half of the 280 million metric tons of plastic produced each year ends up in the landfill. A fair bit of the rest ends up littering the landscape, blown by the wind or washed down streams and rivers into the sea. So far Americans spend $520 million a year to clean up plastic litter washing up on beaches and shorelines.

Many organic farmers want nothing to do with gene-splicing technology or genetically modified seeds; they just want to plant their crops and make a living. As a result, more and more Monsanto lawsuits are piling up as organic farmers try to distance themselves from the giant corporation. The Nature Conservancy may stop getting those millions from them should Monsanto start losing some of these cases.

According to a recent report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40 percent of the food that’s grown and sold in the United States is wasted—if we cut food waste by just a third, we could feed every hungry person in the country. That waste comes to the staggering cost of $2,275 per year, for a family of four. The biggest loss category? Fresh produce. Just 48 percent of what’s produced is eaten.

Sometimes the longest struggles can be the most rewarding. There are currently 16 big brands that have started a process to eliminate all discharges of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chains and products but some people might wonder, why is the companies’ deadline 2020? Greenpeace is an organization that pushes for actions. We want to see solutions happening yesterday rather than waiting for tomorrow. So, why the generous deadline? The elimination of all hazardous chemical discharge of this scale and complexity has never been attempted before.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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