Green News For The Weekend Volume 302

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Time again for some of that good ole’ fashioned green news!

Like the idea of seed starting pots that you can plant? No need to go out and buy them: you’ve got materials lying around the house that can be upcycled into biodegradable pots. Thanks to my friend Jeff for publishing this one!

A technology that will allow widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles without negatively impacting the electrical grid is the subject of a commercial license agreement between Battelle and AeroVironment, Inc., of Monrovia, Calif. The technology may also ultimately result in lower costs for plug-in electric vehicle owners. Anything that makes it easier to buy and own electric cars is good with me.

Guerrilla Gardener Ron Finley is transforming blighted areas in South Central LA, planting food in vacant lots to help combat this area’s food desert. Go Ron!

Think about the last product you purchased. It probably came in a lot of excess packaging. But why does packaging have to exist? In some situations it’s necessary for hygiene purposes, certainly, but designer Aaron Mickelson believes that it’s possible to remove all traces of packaging waste from certain products. This is brilliant. I wish companies would do stuff like this rather than greenwash their products.

Join the more than 3 million ONE members already committed to the fight against extreme poverty. Get the facts on ending poverty and take action! Extreme poverty has already been cut in half over the past 20 years and could reach the “zero zone” sometime before 2030. We could see extreme poverty wiped out in just a generation. Join in!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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