Green News For The Weekend Volume 308

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What a rough week, between the bombing in Boston, the fire in Texas, the earthquake in Iran, and the people killed in Iraq car bombings. Take a moment to give them all some thought and be thankful you’re doing OK. On to the green news…

Recently, the National Ocean Council released the Obama Administration’s much anticipated plan for implementing the National Ocean Policy.

Coffee pod greenwashing comes to America with Illy and Terracycle. Instead of taking the season to promote less wasteful ways of making coffee that don’t involve disposable chunks of plastic, Illy is introducing what they call a coffee capsule recycling program called Renew.

It’s a tired, but bon a fide storyline: we have to reduce our fossil fuel usage. Coal and petroleum have been good to us throughout the advent of automation and modern transportation; now they’ve become a serious problem. Still, beyond all the rhetoric glued to atmospheric depletion and air pollution, there lies a whole host of lesser-discussed, equally-disruptive issues that bring additional merit to the push for renewables.

Red palm oil has burst onto the health scene as a miracle food, helping to heal everything from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer’s to cancer. However, as it becomes more popular worldwide, a dark secret has come to light. Due to its lucrative value, rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia are destroyed and replaced with African oil palm tree plantations — seriously endangering the habitat of many rare birds, orangutan, pygmy elephants and clouded leopards.

Colby College joins the carbon neutrality club 2 years ahead of schedule. Find out how this small Maine liberal arts school achieved its goal of being 100% carbon-neutral ahead of a 2015 deadline.

Have a good weekend and stay strong.

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