Green News For The Weekend Volume 311

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A little bit of green news to round out your week…

Price is just one of many factors that needs to be considered, and the old saying is quite often true… You get what you pay for. This is why I run my Buy Once, Buy For Life series here on the site. Most of the time it pays to buy quality, even when it costs more.

Ever want for one-liners to rebut those climate change deniers in your life? Today’s your lucky day, as here are 99 of them ready for your use. My favorite? In response to “It’s a natural cycle” – A natural cycle requires a forcing, and no known forcing exists that fits the fingerprints of observed warming – except anthropogenic greenhouse gases.

In obedience to a demand from Monsanto, the US EPA is proposing to hike the allowed residue limits — yet again — of the herbicide glyphosate in various food and feed crops. The allowed level in teff animal feed will be 100 parts per million (ppm); and in oilseed crops, 40 ppm. Allowed levels in some fruits and vegetables eaten by humans will also rise. Just in case you were wondering how much influence Monsanto has over the government, now you know.

I struggle with the notion that the majority of Americans think that WE (we, as in the collective group of eco-conscious individuals) are burdening them with our “environmental issues”. You and me both, Crystal. It’s sad when that many people actually try to rebut science and facts.

Sustainable agriculture has often been described as a way to grow food in a manner that does not have an adverse effect on the environment, that is healthy for the consumer, the animals and the land on which it is grown/raised, that takes into consideration the health and welfare of the workers, and which supports and gives back to the local community. Sustainable agriculture is not only about conserving, but preserving as well.

Have a fantastic weekend, all!

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