Green News For The Weekend Volume 313

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Tesla Motors has paid off the loan awarded to it by the Department of Energy back in 2010. They wired $451,800,000 to the government on Thursday, repaying the balance of the loan with interest. Since the automotive bailouts a few years back, Tesla is the only American car company to have fully paid us all back.

Like cheap clothes? Watch this CBS undercover video demonstrating who makes that stuff and where it comes from. Still like cheap clothes?

Tucker has a very powerful nose that he uses to help save wildlife. Tucker, you see, can smell orca scat from a mile away. Tucker’s a dog, just in case you hadn’t gotten that.

Power companies are looking at ways to store compressed air underground in order to meet clean energy rules.

Those Who Make is a wonderful website full of videos and interviews with people who, well, make things. Quality things. Things made by hand. Check it out and you’ll be hooked like I am. I even bought a sticker from him to put on my truck in support.

A new study has found that deforestation could lead to shortages of electricity in rainforest regions around the world, because fewer trees results in less rainfall – and thus less ability to generate power from rivers and other bodies of water.

Fracking is big business, and purveyors of this kind of energy development are looking to frack all over the country. In Boulder, Gasland Director Josh Fox and local residents are speaking out against plans for their area.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. Not sure why we memorialize the men and women who died while serving our country by having sales and shopping bonanzas, but don’t fall into that trap. Don’t shop. Memorialize.

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