Green News For The Weekend Volume 315

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First, some good green news. On Monday, Connecticut became the first state in the U.S. to pass a bill that would require labels on foods containing genetically modified ingredients. The bill isn’t perfect nor all-encompassing, but it sure is a nice start.

And the winner of most depressing headline of the year is… Is the US About to Become One Big Factory Farm for China? The Chinese corporation Shuanghui International has just bought US giant Smithfield, the globe’s largest hog producer and pork packer, for $4.7 billion in cash.

Los Angeles may still be the traffic capital of the country, but strict emissions standards have made a difference. Air quality has improved and ozone concentrations have seen significant reductions. Now if they could just make it so it doesn’t take hours to get to the airport… which was 20 miles away from my house.

The U.S. food supply, from meat to vegetables, is under assault. If we don’t clean up our act it won’t be long before choice disappears from our dinner plates.

Don’t mess with Texas. A Canadian company is repairing a bunch of defects in the Keystone XL oil pipeline in Texas…and residents are not happy. This pipeline is going to be incredibly destructive when it’s finally operational. So glad Obama decided not to stop it. Environmental President? I think not.

And finally, another piece of good news. A frog long thought extinct actually isn’t. The Hula painted frog was the first amphibian to officially be declared extinct back in 1996 but was recently found in Israel by a park ranger.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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