Green News For The Weekend Volume 319

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Los Angeles, the place of nearly 365 days of sunlight a year, is committing itself to powering more than 34,000 homes with solar energy over the next five years. The city’s plan, developed and supported by a broad coalition of organizations, is the largest urban rooftop program in the country.

Think the power goes out a lot nowadays when storms hit? You haven’t seen anything yet, according to the Department of Energy. According them, the entire electric grid of the U.S. is increasingly vulnerable to outages from weather events driven by climate change. Unless we make some drastic changes very quickly, we can expect to deal with a lot more outages in the future.

We have a new natural gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico. On Wednesday, officials announced that they were pumping mud into leaking natural gas wells off the coast of Port Fourchon, Louisiana. It is leaking a combination of natural gas, water, and a liquid form of natural gas called condensate, at a rate of about 3.6 barrels every 24 hours.

A National Geographic photographer has been arrested for – wait for it – taking pictures of a cattle feedlot in Kansas. Seems the owners don’t take kindly to people taking pictures of these animals ever since Kansas'”ag-gag” law was enacted in 1990. The law doesn’t allow the entry into, and photographing of, animal facilities. I wonder what they could be hiding…

China is planning on increasing the amount of cities where car sales will be limited, in an effort to fight the country’s dense pollution. Four cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, already curb the purchase of vehicles, and more than 13 million cars were sold in the country last year.

And now that you’re all caught up on your green news, go outside. Have a great weekend!

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