Green News For The Weekend Volume 323

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It’s time once again for that weekly green news roundup!

Saudi Arabia is betting on solar and other renewable energies. The country is set to launch an online atlas of renewable energy sources, and is in the process of establishing more than 70 meteorological stations to collect data on renewable energy potential. I would imagine that solar will play a rather large role in meeting their energy needs.

Think climate change has started already? You haven’t seen anything yet. Once it really gets going, researchers say that it could snowball into catastrophe lasting at least 200,000 years. While I can say that thankfully I won’t be around to see it, it’s heartbreaking to know that we could have stopped it from happening had we paid attention back when scientists first started figuring it out. There is no stopping it now, all we can do is work on slowing it down a bit.

Do you shop at farmer’s markets? Do you ever ask the farmers any questions about their food? If you do, here are the 4 questions you should avoid asking – straight from the farmer’s mouth.

How A Powerful Group Of Corporations Quietly Tried To Roll Back Clean Energy Standards, And Failed Miserably. This year American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, wanted to roll back some renewable energy standards that states had recently put in place. How’d they do? 0 for 13. Sweet.

You have to watch this video. When 14 year old Rachel Parent, an anti-GMO activist, appeared on CBC’s “The Lang and O’Leary Exchange” last week, she schooled the host about genetically modified foods. How did the host respond? By calling this teenager a “shill” for the movement and that she didn’t understand science. I love when “adults” act like children, don’t you? Kudos, Rachel. Kudos.

Have a great weekend everyone, get outside if you can!

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