Green News For The Weekend Volume 324

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First up in this week’s green news: Information about Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project (PDF) was released this week to much fanfare – both positive and negative. What I don’t get are all the naysayers complaining that his figures are off, it will never happen, etc etc. The dude is building amazing electric cars selling on-par with Audi’s high-end models and he is sending stuff into space. I think we need big thinkers instead of people saying it can’t be done. Kudos to him, I’m a supporter and I believe we can, and need to, build something like this to get away from fossil fuels.

New research has found that the world could feed an additional 4 billion people – 70 percent more than we can now – by shifting cropland use from livestock and biofuels to the growth of human food.

Need some additional green activities to add into your routine? Why not try these 5 biofriendly actions you should incorporate into your life.

Earlier this week, 54 activists protesting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline were arrested in D.C. They were protesting a contractor’s role in actually writing the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the State Department. Nope, no cronyism there!

How Oil and Gas Drillers Avoid Paying Royalties. The manipulation of costs and other data by oil companies is keeping billions of dollars in royalties out of the hands of private and government landholders, an investigation by ProPublica has found.

I talk a lot about buying American-made goods whenever possible. Seems someone at Huffington Post thinks it’s a good idea too, with the publication of this article “18 Awesome American-Made Products.”

Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you here next week!

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