Green News For The Weekend Volume 326

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Some important green news from the last week that you should know about…

Study: Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the U.S. Researchers from MIT’s Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment tracked ground-level emissions from sources such as industrial smokestacks, vehicle tailpipes, marine and rail operations, and commercial and residential heating and found that such air pollution causes about 200,000 early deaths each year. Sobering news.

Has the Grocery Manufacturers Association Betrayed American Consumers? Kraft, Kellogg, Pepsi & other food manufacturers label genetically engineered ingredients on products overseas – but not in the United States.

10 people to follow on Twitter who are working to save the world Mother Nature Network spent some time sifting around the environmental Twittersphere and put together this list of 10 people who are working to save the world who you should follow on Twitter. Somehow, I ended up on this list, which includes Al Gore. What a strange time we live in, when I can be included on a list with a VP.

Get plastic off my face and out of the water Did you know that in the past decade, more and more personal care products sold in The United States and around the world contain micro-plastic particle abrasives employed as an exfoliant? Because that’s exactly what we need, little pieces of plastic in our care products. Absolutely.

How Arizona and Colorado are rethinking energy vs. water Our western states are stunning in their beauty but they are awfully thirsty. Because so many flock to western states for fishing, kayaking, rafting and other recreational water activities, setting the region’s water system on a sustainable path is a critical economic issue. Some states are considering the energy-water nexus when planning to meet future water and electricity needs.

Have a great long weekend everyone. Please be safe.

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