Green News For The Weekend Volume 330

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A few of my favorite pieces of green news from this past week:

The Greenest Building in the World Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA has achieved LEED Platinum status, reuses all its water, has photovoltaic solar panels and a vertical axis wind turbine, and 14 geothermal wells buried underground. And that’s just the beginning.

Solar Exchange launches ‘eBay’ for solar goods Solar Exchange is the latest company to bring more efficiency to the business side of solar, using its online exchange where buyers and sellers can buy and sell solar-related goods.

Anti-GMO Campaigners Claim Victory as ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Stripped From Senate Bill And finally some good news surrounding Monsanto! An amendment dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act,” which currently allows large agriculture and biotech corporations to ignore court orders involving the safety of genetically modified seeds, has been stripped from Senate’s spending bill.

China’s plan to clean up air pollution could be a climate disaster Yikes.China is building synthetic gas plants that will turn coal into natural gas, thinking that because natural gas burns cleaner than coal it will reduce pollution. However, these plants are extremely energy-intensive and could produce far more carbon-dioxide emissions in the long run. Crap.

Ship crosses Northwest Passage, sails into history The Nordic Orion has become the first bulk carrier ship to pass through the Northwest Passage and into Baffin Bay, which up until recently was always iced over. The ironic part? The ship is full of friggin’ coal, one of the very things causing the ice caps to melt.

Nation Sick Of Looming Stuff Noting the ceaseless onslaught of issues constantly nearing the eleventh hour, Americans across the country told reporters Tuesday they are sick and tired of all this looming stuff. “Frankly, I would like a week to go by where I don’t hear about some sort of showdown or crisis that is looming, or brewing, or rearing its head, or anything like that,” said 34-year-old Matawan, NJ resident Jonathan Lear, echoing the thoughts of all 315 million U.S. citizens who have expressed a strong desire for the nation to take a break from either approaching or being on the cusp of anything at all, including conflicts, deadlines, decisions, battles, something ending, something beginning, something getting worse, or something getting even worse.

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