Green News For The Weekend Volume 343

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Back in the swing… how’s everyone feeling? This was my first full week back at work and I’m certainly feeling it. So while I go take a nap, check out some of these green news pieces you may have missed from this past week.

My friend Nan is still running her Taos Seed Exchange IndiGoGo campaign. If you live near that area (Taos, NM) or are just interested in gardening and safe seeds, take a look and consider joining the cause.

And speaking of seeds, here’s a good reason to support Nan in her efforts: USDA Moves to Approve “Agent Orange” GMO Seeds. The US Department of Agriculture is leaning toward approving varieties of corn and soybean seeds that are genetically engineered to be resistant to several herbicides, including the controversial chemical known as 2,4-D.

Someday, it may be possible to build your own electric car at home, on the cheap. Is it Time for an Open Source DIY Electric Car? takes a look at removing the concept of electric vehicles out from under the umbrella of car manufacturers and put it in the garages and backyards of DIY and open source enthusiasts.

Environmental degradation leads to public health crises. According to a new report, a “systematic and comprehensive” approach is needed to understand the impact of human behavior on the world’s public health. For example, the report cited that smoke from fires used to clear rainforests in Indonesia has been linked to a rise in cardiopulmonary disease in Singapore.

Lost power in a winter storm? Just hook up a Toyota Prius like this guy did. Seems as though those Priuses (Priui?) are good for a lot more than driving down the road sipping gasoline; they can power a few things in an emergency, too.

Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm!

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