Green News For The Weekend Volume 332

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I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of our elected officials acting like children. However, it’s our own fault; they have a 90 percent incumbancy rate but only a 10 percent favorability ranking. Seems we are the ones with the problem, no?

While we ponder our political choices, let us take a look at some important green news from around the web this past week.

Tesla Model S EV becomes Norway’s best-selling car in September Everyone’s (ok, mine) favorite electric car was the best-selling car – of any car – in Norway during September. They are so popular there that interested buyers are now paying more for a used one than a brand new one, with owners cashing in on their popularity. Amazing. I wish I could get one. Anyone want to send me one?

European Union on Track to Reach 2020 Climate Goals While we sit on our collective hands about climate change, the European Union nations are investing heavily in alternative energy sources and cutting emissions. According to the European Environment Agency, they have nearly reached their 2020 climate objectives this year, decreasing emissions by 18 percent and using renewable sources for 13 percent of their energy needs.

OK, now we’ve got a problem here: Shutdown slows beer production Noooooooooooo! Okay, so it’s not green news, but still… this is bad. Very bad. Thanks to the government shutdown, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau can’t process new applications from craft brewers — meaning that smaller businesses that make their living from their inventive seasonal batches could stand to lose major dollars.

A huge solar farm with molten salt storage is ready to go live in Arizona $2 billion and 2,000 jobs later, Solana finally comes online south of Phoenix, The project uses hundreds of parabolic-shaped mirrors that concentrate the suns rays to produce electricity and… get this… stores it in a molten salt-based thermal energy storage technology system.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. We are not necessarily the problem. A rigged electoral system with two “parties” with much the same ideology is more to blame. I always vote for the Green Party, myself. Some people say that my candidates will not get elected. I say in response, “Yes they will, if you vote for them, too”. I also tell people that, even if they don’t get elected, large numbers of votes for other than the Democrats or Republicans will force their candidates out of complacency.

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