Green News For The Weekend Volume 334


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Seems it’s Friday again, time for some green news from the past week. Amazing how fast time flies.

Fracking Fight Focuses on a New York Town’s Ban Dryden, New York passed a zoning ordinance that forbid fracking, and now it is being sued by energy companies. A pending decision by the Court of Appeals could have wide implications for how towns decide what is right for them. Kudos to Dryden, I wish every town would ban fracking before it’s too late.

How Denim Can Be Bad For The Environment Did you know that the choices you make on the jeans you buy could be incredibly damaging to the environment? Click thru to see why and if you live in America, buy American made denim clothing. There are American denim mills and manufacturers out there, and that choice can at least cut down on the amount of transportation and carbon footprint your jeans leave behind.

Carbonation on Mars May Provide Insight to Climate Change on Earth A whopping 4,000 million years ago (how many years is that?), Mars was a warm and watery planet with an atmosphere full of CO2. Scientists are now saying that the planet may have lost its CO2 through a process called carbonation, in which volcanic rocks turn water and CO2 into carbonate, trapping the CO2 for good. Could this be a solution to our climate change worries here on Earth?

PVC as Flooring Material in Childhood Is Related to Asthma 10 Years Later Children who had PVC flooring in the bedroom at baseline were more likely to develop asthma during the following 10 years period when compared with children living without such flooring material. Eek.

Two-Wheel Drive Electric Bike This e-bike concept from Nikos Manafis has a frame made from folded sheet metal, and includes not one, but two in-wheel electric motors (250W each) that can either be driven separately or together (for either a longer range or for more power).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. All great selections this week. The suit against the ban on fracking has me scratching my head. What ever gave corporations the belief they can impose their wishes on communities. The way I see it, the community has the right to ban any type of business especially one that can affect the health of that community.

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