Green News For The Weekend Volume 335

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November 1 already. Not sure how that happened, as last time I truly looked at the calendar it was like June or something. Anyway, here are a few green news stories I picked up on from the last week, in case you missed them.

Why Dr. Bronner’s is on a Soapbox for GMO Labeling I do love my some Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, as I recently started using a bottle of it (again) for both washing my body and washing my hair. But even beyond the fact that I like the soap, Dr. Bronner’s is one of the few companies out there doing the right thing and fighting for the labeling of GMO products and foods. Support them by buying their products when you can.

Honda loves 86-mpg Fit Hybrid in Japan, ‘may reevaluate’ for US I believe that if Honda brought a hybrid Fit to the U.S. it would sell like hotcakes. A lot of folks hate the way the Prius looks but would love to buy a well-made, decent-looking hot hatchback like the Fit. Come on Honda, bring it on over!

Warming Will Disturb Balance of Soil Nutrients in Drylands, Make Drylands Less Productive If we thought droughts were bad now, wait till climate change disturbs the balance of nutrients in the soil. “An increase in aridity due to global warming will disturb the balance of nutrients in the soil and reduce productivity of the world’s drylands, which support millions of people, a landmark study predicts.” Um, not good.

U.S. Says It Won’t Back New International Coal-Fired Power Plants In what can definitely be seen as a win for environmentalists, the Obama Administration has declared an end to United States support for new coal-fired power plants around the world. Basically, we will no longer support coal projects financed by the World Bank and other international development banks. Awesome news.

Coming Soon: New Long Distance Cars Anyone who has read this site for a while probably knows that I am a big fan of travel by rail in the U.S. In fact, I have not been on a plane since 2007, traveling only by train or automobile since then. But as someone who takes trains for long distance trips, I can also tell you that some of those sleeper cars leave a lot to be desired. Well, good news – Amtrak is introducing 130 brand new single-level cars by 2014, including 25 sleepers. Can’t wait to try them out!

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