Green News For The Weekend Volume 340


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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are all recovered enough to check out this week’s green news reads!

Made in New York City | A Left to Right DIY Armed with a pile of scraps, an old piece of plywood, a nail gun, a chop saw, a janky table saw, and various measuring instruments I went to town. Geometrical patterns didn’t speak to me and I didn’t want to do anything boring. So I felt pretty pleased with myself when I discovered that I could make a sailboat out of the scraps. If you are interested in making your own sailboat bench, here’s how you would go about it.

NOT The Onion; rather, from The Nature Conservancy’s website: “Review Monsanto’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and hear from their leadership on why valuing nature is so important to their business.” This is why I never recommend anyone support that “environmental” organization, as they get plenty of money from Monsanto… and we know what that corporation is after.

Farmland hides mobster for 10 years See, farms aren’t just good because they grow food for us all; they are also good because if you are a mobster you can hide out on one for 10 years! At 32 years old, “Jay Shaw” – actually Boston mobster Enrico Ponzo – bought 12 acres and built a house in Marsing, Idaho, placing the house on the back of his acreage, with all windows facing a long driveway that connected to the main road.

New report: Unregulated contaminants common in drinking water Traces of 18 unregulated chemicals were found in drinking water from more than one-third of U.S. water utilities in a nationwide sampling, including 11 perfluorinated compounds, a herbicide, two solvents, caffeine, an antibacterial compound, a metal and an antidepressant. Delicious! While drinking tap water is generally very safe and much better for the environment than buying plastic bottles, be sure you are filtering your water before drinking it.

10 Holiday Gift Guides including Food Gifts, Homemade Gifts, and Meaningful Gifts to Give Everyone on Your Shopping List This year, make those gifts homemade and personal.

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  1. As a child I couldn’t drink tap water, it was disgusting, the fog that took a while to settle and the taste. I must have been seriously dehydrated. As soon as filters were easily found I got one and have enjoyed water ever since. Looking now for one that removes fluoride.

  2. I have been buying the reverse osmosis water from the local grocery store and it tastes so much better than the tap water. I am going to purchase a reverse osmosis system as the tap water is gross tasting

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