Green News For The Weekend Volume 342

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Welcome to 2014! This year will mark the 8th anniversary of The Good Human, started back in May of 2006. Amazing how time goes by without really even noticing. Hope you all had a safe and sane holiday season.

The Koch Brothers Are Still Trying to Break Wind (Op-Ed) I can’t really say anything other than ugh. I cannot imagine, even with limitless wealth, spending my life fighting against clean energy and clean air. It’s so… backwards.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression I am a big believer in natural cures/solutions to health problems, and from what I have read in recent years Vitamin D deficiency may be the cause of many health issues, including cancers.

Massachusetts Makes Smart Grid Mandatory Kudos to my home state! The Department of Public Utilities will require smart meters and grid planning as part of local utility’s 10 year plans.

Cloud Mystery Solved: Global Temperatures to Rise at Least 4°C by 2100 Global average temperatures will rise at least 4°C by 2100 and potentially more than 8°C by 2200 if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced ASAP. As I have said before, we’re screwed; there is no way we will cut emissions any time soon. Just do your best to try to live healthy.

Start-Up Uses Plant Seeds for a Biofuel In California, start-up company SGB is making high-quality oil from inedible, drought-resistant plants called jatropha, at a price point competitive with oil priced at just $99 a barrel.

New Years resolutions worth making My friend Beth gives us a reasonable, meaningful list of New Year resolutions. “…this time, I’m going to skip the fluffy stuff like “compost more” and ‘grow your own food.’ You know all of that already. And depending on who you are and where you live, some of that may not be possible. This year, let‘s get real. Let‘s think about what really matters, and let‘s not sweat the small stuff.” Amen, Beth.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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