Green News For The Weekend Volume 350

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It’s….. green news time! Grab a cup of coffee, stop working, and take a few minutes to check out what you may have missed this week:

How much water do YOU use each day? Results show that on average, participants underestimate water use by a factor of two, with severe underestimates for activities that use a lot of water.

2013 Marks Record Year for Solar Power in US A new report shows that 2013 was another record-setting year for solar energy in the U.S., with 4,751 megawatts (MW) of new capacity installed, with another 410 MW of concentrating solar power (CSP) coming online.

Minnesota Scrambles To Save Moose From Climate Change Over the last decade in Minnesota, the iconic animal’s population has dropped by about a half — and no one seems to know exactly why. While the problem was reported last fall, the long winter has not been good for moose, who saw a 35 percent decline in 2012.

Activism Changes Subway’s Bread: Is It Really Dangerous? Who needs statistics and peer-reviewed journal studies when you’ve got a bright blue yoga mat associated with food?

Groups sue EPA to force it to move on pesticide disclosures Three environmental and public health groups sued the EPA this week, seeking to press it to move forward with rules that would require public disclosure of certain pesticide ingredients.

13 Towns Pass Anti-Tar Sands Resolutions According to the organization 350 Vermont, 41 Vermont towns to date have voted to oppose transporting tar sands oil through Vermont.

The Gulf Oil cleanup still isn’t over: 1,250-pound tar mat washes ashore in Florida Last week, a crew from the state Department of Environmental Protection discovered a 1,250-pound mat of tar, sand and water — measuring 9 feet long and 9 feet wide — in the surf. But… BP advertisements tell us all everything is great again!

Greenpeace satirises P&G ads over palm oil deforestation Greenpeace has parodied Procter & Gamble’s ‘Thank You Mom’ ad campaign and festooned the FMCG giant’s global headquarters in Cincinnati with massive posters accusing P&G’s supply chain of deforestation and the death of wildlife.

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