Green News For The Weekend Volume 353

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April is a mere couple of days away already. Think about that.

How ‘Extreme Levels’ of Monsanto’s Herbicide Roundup in Food Became the Industry Norm Surprisingly, almost no data exist in the scientific literature on herbicide residues in herbicide tolerant genetically modified (GM) plants, even after nearly 20 years on the market.

Organic Standards Lowered for Livestock in Drought-Ridden California Due to California’s historic drought, a variance was issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in February that enables applicable organic livestock farmers in the Golden State to temporarily disregard the feeding standards that allow them to stamp their product as organic.

Extracting carbon from nature can aid climate but will be costly: U.N. A little-known technology that may be able to take the equivalent of China’s greenhouse gas emissions out of the carbon cycle could be the radical policy shift needed to slow climate change this century… but it won’t be cheap.

Famous paintings help study Earth’s past atmosphere A team of Greek and German researchers has shown that the colours of sunsets painted by famous artists can be used to estimate pollution levels in the Earth’s past atmosphere.

Fish Embryos Exposed to Oil From BP Spill Develop Deformities, a Study Finds Embryos of tuna and amberjack that were exposed to crude oil collected from the Deepwater Horizon spill developed heart and other deformities that would probably kill some of the developing fish and shorten the lives of others.

GE Labeling Resurrected in California, Petition for Ballot Measure Circulating in Colorado California’s 2012 food-labeling ballot measure, rejected by state voters, makes a return from the grave tomorrow with a public hearing in Sacramento.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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