Green News For The Weekend Volume 354

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Happy Friday! Looks like things are warming up around the country, so hope you get a chance to spend some time outside this weekend. But before you do, check out some green news from the past week…

Warming climate may spread drying to a third of earth: Heat, not just rainfall, plays into new projections A new study estimates that 12 percent of land will be subject to drought by 2100 through rainfall changes alone; but the drying will spread to 30 percent of land if higher evaporation rates are considered.

Top 7 reasons for considering an electric vehicle today #1? Cheaper to Fuel. Like saving money? Of course you do. EVs are dramatically cheaper to fuel than their gasoline counterparts.

Massachusetts House Committee Advances GMO Labeling Bill The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture recently passed out of committee H. 813, a GMO labeling bill. If signed into law, the bill would ensure that all foods sold in Massachusetts that contain genetically modified or engineered ingredients would be clearly labeled.

Internet’s worst reactions to UN’s new climate report It is only more mind-boggling when the importance of this gargantuan undertaking is downplayed and misinterpreted, most generally by members of a conservative blogosphere who routinely seek to ignore the realities of climate science, nit-picking at inherently cautious scientific language for any sign that there may be some doubt.

5 Ways to Reduce Household Garbage Landfill space is at a premium, and it’s important to not fill it with things that don’t need to be there. Pay attention to what you bring home and what you throw out.

Have a good one!

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