Green News For The Weekend Volume 355

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IPCC concludes: Renewable energy shift is a must Conclusions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s are simple: rapid shifts to renewable energy are needed to avert catastrophic global warming. Will we continue to do nothing? Probably.

Seed-Starting: a DIY Guide to Growing Your Own Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs Seed starting isn’t complicated or messy — and it’s a good way to plan your garden before growing season even begins. Here are the essential steps to help you start your own flowers, vegetables, and herbs from seed.

Koch Brothers are killing rapid bus transit in Tennessee Last week, the Tennessee Senate voted 27-4 against the very idea of Rapid Bus Transit in the state. The vote was supported by the wealthy Koch brothers, Charles and David, and their group Americans for Prosperity. Sad when a couple of billionaires determine policy for the rest of us.

How You Might Be Investing in Monsanto’s Toxic Legacy Without Realizing It Monsanto didn’t achieve $11.8 billion in sales and 404 facilities in 66 countries all on its own.

What climate change has done to Walden’s woods With many shoulders to stand on, signs of local climate change emerge. For example, for every degree Fahrenheit (0.56 °C) the temperature rises in Massachusetts, plants flower on average 1.7 days earlier – at least the lucky ones do.

Solar plane size of 747 to make first fuel-free round world trip Solar Impulse will attempt to fly around the world in their solar powered aircraft by the end of next year. If successful, it will be the first airplane that can fly day and night without fuel or polluting emissions.

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