Green News For The Weekend Volume 358

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It’s green news time!!

El Nino chances exceed 65 pct this summer The chances have increased over the past month that the much-feared El Nino weather phenomenon, which can wreak havoc on global crops, will strike this year.

It is now a little bit easier for students at the University of California, Riverside to find some place to plug in and charge their phones and laptops, as the campus has 13 new ConnecTables Solar Charging Stations that double as canopied café tables.

Shopping Guide: Organic vs. All-Natural: What’s the Difference? The Food and Drug Administration has taken some steps to make food labeling clearer, but it’s easy to get misled by product labels.

A team of scientists has tried to quantify the extent of damage inflicted on the gulf’s bird population from the the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Based on models using publicly available data, the studies estimated that about 800,000 birds died in coastal and offshore waters.

Coca-Cola to Remove Chemical Linked to Flame Retardants from Its Beverages The disputed ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is used to regulate flavoring oils in the company’s citrus-flavored drinks, including but not limited to, Fresca and some varieties of Fanta.

This article describes a very simple solar system that provides both solar space heating and solar water heating in one simple design that you can build. Using all new, high quality materials, this system can be built for as little as $2000 — about one 1/8th the price of an equivalent commercial system.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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  1. Coca Cola has more ingredients they need to address but I guess this is a good first step. I love the solar heating system which is something affordable for most people.

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