Green News For The Weekend Volume 359

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This coming Monday marks the 8th anniversary of the launch of this site. EIGHT YEARS. Wow. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

El Hierro to be first island powered exclusively by wind & water Upon completion of its next wind farm in June, the island (one of Spain’s Canary Islands off the coast of Africa) will become the first in the world to be fully powered by wind and water.

SeaWorld routinely gives benzodiazepines—drugs found in Valium and Xanax—to orcas suffering from mental health issues as a direct result of being in captivity.

How Walmart’s New Mass-Produced Organics Line Could Threaten Organic Farming “Walmart has a history of driving down price to the lowest in the market,” she said. “This has proven to be not conducive to producing products the right way, or paying fair wages to those who do produce products using high-quality ingredients and processes.”

Big Food Freaking Out Over Fed Up Movie Watch the trailer here.

Craftivism in Action: Ali Golzad’s Invisible People Artist Ali Golzad gives a face to traumatized children in these beautifully haunting examples of craftivism in action.

Last Month Was The Second Warmest April Ever Recorded; first time CO2 levels reached above 400 parts per million. In the U.K., April marked the beginning of a heatwave that is projected to last until June.

On the fence about medical marijuana? I beg of you to check out Morgan Spurlock’s TV show Inside Man. The marijuana episode is available to stream on Netflix.

Have a great weekend all.

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