Green News For The Weekend Volume 361

Google unveils fully autonomous, hands-free car prototype No brake pedal, gas pedal, gear shift or steering wheel. It’s completely and totally autonomous, requiring nothing more than an address.

BP asks U.S. Supreme Court justice to block Gulf spill payments BP on Wednesday asked Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to allow the company to avoid making payments to businesses demanding compensation for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill while litigation continues.

US emissions jump, as coal generation returns in force New data has confirmed that the five-year decline in US carbon dioxide emissions has not only ended, but reversed. And dramatically so.

Carbon offsets can do more environmental harm than good Offsets give the consumer the impression that their consumption has no negative net effect on the environment, and allows companies to gain green credentials. But in reality, the scale of change that can be achieved by voluntary individual offset schemes is entirely disproportionate to the scale of the problem of global warming.

The Nature Conservancy wants to persuade big business to save the environment SOOOO ridiculous. Nature Conservancy is the worst greenwasher in the enviro business, in my opinion. And here it proves it again, all while they continue to take millions from Monsanto.

President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule President Obama’s proposed regulation to cut pollution from coal-fired power plants by up to 20 percent would be the strongest action taken by an American president to tackle climate change.

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