Green News For The Weekend Volume 362

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Obama’s EPA Plan vs. Climate Catastrophe: ‘Fighting a Wildfire with a Garden Hose’ Not to throw a wet blanket on the news, however, there’s a serious catch that more critical environmentalists and organizations are taking the time to point out. Despite welcoming the move as “step in the right direction,” these voices—taken collectively—are saying it’s important that people recognize this essential fact: Given the scale of the climate emergency and the level of aggressive action needed, the Obama plan is just simply not enough. Not by a long shot.

Agricultural Pesticides Linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma The study, which was done by a team at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France, covering nearly three decades’ worth of epidemiologic research, will likely be taken seriously worldwide.

13 reasons why slashing solar incentives is dumb politics For a politician, slashing support to the solar industry through the Renewable Energy Target (RET) review is really dumb politics. In fact, it is so dumb it may result in one more job loss… their own.

U.S. Warming Fastest At Two Corners As Average Temps Spike More Than 2 Degrees Since 1985 The United States is warming fastest at two of its corners, in the Northeast and the Southwest.

Goats to the Rescue in Fire-Prone Bay Area When it comes to brush clearance crews, it can be tough to find someone willing to do the job. That’s one reason why people have been turning to rental goats to clear brush and keep areas like road verges, medians and hillsides trimmed.

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