Green News For The Weekend Volume 366

August 1, 2014. Every time I don’t think time can seem to go any faster, it continues to amaze me. How is it August already? Eh, ponder that later. Here are some green news stories you may have missed from the past week:

The cheapest form of new electricity in Denmark will be wind power when new turbines become operational in 2016, with prices estimated to be about one half of what coal and natural gas cost. Only a matter of investment and time before wind and solar are cheaper than every fossil fuel we currently use.

Harvest a bumper crop of savings by following our advice on how to save money on food. You can save over 50 percent on groceries by buying in bulk. And if you prefer organic, the savings offered by bulk food are even greater — up to 90 percent! I would also suggest farmer’s markets as a great place to buy organic food, they are usually much cheaper than your grocery store.

Researchers show how they’ve used advanced computational data science tools to demonstrate that despite global warming, we may still experience severe cold snaps due to increasing variability in temperature extremes. “Global warming” doesn’t mean it’s always going to be hot; rather, it means we are going to see wild and erratic swings in temperature both cold and hot. Get ready.

Genetically modified corn seeds are no longer protecting Brazilian farmers from voracious tropical bugs, increasing costs as producers turn to pesticides, a farm group said on Monday. Like them or not, GMOs are eventually going to prove disastrous for the human food supply on Earth. I just hope I’m not around when they do.

A comprehensive review of earlier studies found substantially higher levels of antioxidants and lower levels of pesticides in organic fruits, vegetables and grains compared with conventionally grown produce. But yes, by all means – continue to say they are no different.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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