Greening our schools is becoming a priority


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My wife is a teacher who plans on one day opening her own private school. We often discuss plans for this school, and how we want it to be “green” and carbon neutral. We talk about solar panels, waste water use, environmentally friendly building materials and the like, as well as hoping to teach the kids about sustainability. It seems this a trend that is taking off around the world, as more and more schools are “greening” themselves either through new construction or remodeling.

By the time we get around to building this school, I am sure that green schools will be the norm, and prices for materials will be coming down. This is an article about 4 schools in the UK that have won cash prizes for their environmentalism, and the money is to be used to teach the kids and their parents more about the environment. I hope we see this kind of activity here in the states, I think it would go a long way to encouraging schools to “green” themselves!

“FOUR green-friendly primary schools from Newham and Tower Hamlets have won cash prizes from London Mayor Ken Livingstone for their environmentalism.

In Newham St Stephen’s from Whitfield Road, East Ham, won a distinction award of �2,000 and St Edward’s of Castle Street, Upton Park, was highly commended and given �1,000 in the London Schools Environment Awards.

Tower Hamlets winners were Old Palace Primary, St Leonards Street, Bow, and Lawdale Junior in Mansford Street, Bethnal Green, who walked off from the night with �2,000 and �1,000 respectively.

The mayor, who praised the schools for their outstanding work, said the awards are helping children ‘to learn about looking after the environment, to tell their parents how they can live a cleaner and greener lifestyle and crucially helping the next generation of Londoners to live a healthier lifestyle as they grow up’.

To help children learn about the environment, volunteers from Thames Water went into schools across London to assist pupils with their projects.

Schools signed up to the scheme did a variety of projects. Children at one created a bin specifically for their waste fruit, which was used for compost in the school garden, while another monitored their rubbish to make sure that nothing that could be recycled was being sent to landfill.

Projects also included designing reminder posters, the creation of nature gardens and vegetable patches.”

Source: Newham Recorder

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  1. Hi David

    Green schools are indeed a good idea. The London Schools Environment Award is a great scheme backed by our mayor here in London. The school I work at in North London has been ‘greening’ itself for a number of years. You can see a photo of our solar panels if you wish by following the link back to our site and then clicking on the Flickr link.

    Our school has;
    1. a Roof Garden
    2. a bank of 30 solar panels
    3. composting
    4. fruit & vegetable gardens
    5. bicycle shelter/racks
    6. walk to school campaigns
    7. recycles cardboard & paper
    8. low energy lighting

    This has been funded from various government and lottery schemes/bids and organised by different parents/staff. If you want to know more feel free to contact me.

    Hope you get your school started. Maybe though an easier way would be to transform a state (or private) school from within.

  2. Your school sounds great! Yes, it would be easier, but my wife wants to own the school…so we figure we should do it right from the start.

    Thanks for the comment!


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