Greenwash Of The Week: A 5,000 Sq Ft Eco Mansion

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I get “green” PR pitches every day of the week, from the minute I log on in the morning until I turn the computer off at night. Most of them I ignore because they are just fluff, but this one I just couldn’t, and so I decided to make it my Greenwash of the Week. Here is part of the pitch:

Hi ,

A 5,000 square foot home with only an electricity bill of $50 in the hot summer month of July…unbelievable, right?

Saving energy is architect Marc Whitman’s focus in all of his luxury home designs. Marc started Whitman Architectural Design in 1985, before “going green” was a popular trend. He built his company around the philosophy that “integrating architecture and nature is the ultimate marriage of mind and heart” and has kept that motto close to his heart even 25 years later.

Looking forward to speaking with you.


My response?

Thanks, but there is no such thing as an “eco” 5,000 square foot house, no matter how low the electric bill. The materials needed to build it alone more than make up for a low utility bill. My bill is much less than that, and I live very comfortably.

Not surprisingly, I never heard back..

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  1. And the waste from the construction and the water for the concrete and the footprint of land gone and and and…. No way is 5,000 sq ft eco-friendly. I wonder how many people they sent that to, how many bought the greenwash and how many responded realistically. lol

  2. I get stacks of these too; never hear anything back unless the person is particularly blinkered. I get the feeling that often the PR person also thinks the story is shit, but can’t say anything against their client.

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