Greenwash Of The Week: Charmin Megaroll Toilet Paper.


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Yet another sales pitch that makes me want to hit my head against a wall. Charmin has decided that making their rolls of virgin paper toilet paper BIGGER helps the environment because…wait for it…you don’t need to use as many cardboard tubes this way. The claim is that “Charmin Mega Roll has 75% less cardboard tube waste”. However, I am not entirely sure on that part, because the asterisk beneath the claim in the ad says “Vs. 4 regular rolls”, so my mind is spinning from trying to do some weird mathematical equations. Aside from the math, the fact is that these gigantic rolls of toilet paper are made from virgin pulp paper, which we all then use to, well, you know. Doesn’t it seem silly that we use “new” paper to do this with?

Don’t fall for these marketing gimmicks. What really would make a difference for the environment would be to use recycled paper content toilet paper, not bigger rolls of new paper. There are plenty of brands selling recycled products, so if you didn’t like the last one you tried, try another. I use Seventh Generation toilet paper and it works (and feels) just fine.


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  1. One of my pet peeves is all the plastic that most toilet paper is packaged in. Fake Plastic Fish Beth turned me on to Seventh Generation case orders from – no plastic wrapping and recycled paper!

    1. That is definitely a good way to buy it, Jenn! I buy mine at the store in single rolls to avoid the plastic too!

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