Greenwash Of The Week: Conservation Group ‘Gulf of Mexico Foundation’.

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You know that tiny little oil spill currently destroying the Gulf coast? Yea, that one you are thinking of. Well, did you know that the “sky is not falling” because of it? Well, at least not according to the executive director of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, which prides itself on “Promoting conservation in the Gulf of Mexico to ensure its health and productivity through education, public awareness, research and leadership programs”. Sure sounds like a group that would be concerned about the oil spill, right? Instead they have said that “We’ve certainly stepped in the hole and we’re going to have to work ourselves out of it, but it isn’t the end of the Gulf of Mexico.” Why would a group supposedly concerned about the conservation of the Gulf downplay the environmental impact of an oil spill of this magnitude, you ask? Well…

At least half of the 19 members of the group’s board of directors have direct ties to the offshore drilling industry. One of them is currently an executive at Transocean, the company that owns the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded last month, causing millions of gallons of oil to spill into the Gulf of Mexico.

Seven other board members are currently employed at oil companies, or at companies that provide products and services “primarily” to the offshore oil and gas industry. Those companies include Shell, Conoco Phillips, LLOG Exploration Company, Devon Energy, Anadarko Petroleum Company and Oceaneering International.

Yep. That’s why.

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  1. “Gulf of Mexico Foundation” based on your research, needs to be disbanded and “true” environmentalists and integrity must be the cornerstone, or a new foundation and new name.
    Intentionality of the board members was obviously to sell out the environment and possibly “fool” the good people of Mexico, who are kind, open and generous based on my travels and dealings. Smiles, greenbacks and handshakes are excellent masquerades for duplicity which is evidenced by your reporting. Bless the Good Humans who worship and love the earth and its denizens. Karma is real. Unscrupulous individuals will receive their reward.

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