Greenwash Of The Week: Double-Header Edition.


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I got two whoppers in my inbox this week, so I wanted them to share the honor of Greenwash of the Week! One is from Walmart and one is from Chevron, so you know this is going to be good. Let’s take a look…

First up, a company called Greener World Media sent me a press release about Walmart:

“Walmart has introduced a bold new initiative to assess companies and products along its supply chain. The Index asks 15 key questions, and its depth and complexity has immediately become a subject of debate. It also holds the potential to redefine the meaning of ‘sustainability’, reflecting the view of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, in partnership with academics, NGOs, industry groups, and other retailers. Are you ready to comply? On September 24th, join Walmart and a panel of experts on business law and environmental management to learn the essentials of the Sustainability Index.”

First of all, I talked about this new “sustainability index” that Walmart is embarking on and just how ridiculous it really is. But the part that got me, above what I already knew, was that the company sending out this crap to people is called Greener World Media. Seems that big box stores are not alone in their greenwashing efforts – even PR companies will get involved as long as the pay is good!

And next up in the Greenwash of the Week double-header is a perennial favorite – Chevron. I received the following press release this week as well, outlining what Chevron planned to talk about at a Green Trade Network conference later this month:

“Chevron Energy Solutions will be giving the ”˜keynote’ speech at the 2nd annual Green Trade Network conference in Santa Cruz on September 25TH. Marty Kurtovich, Senior Business Development Manager for Chevron will be discussing their renewable energy initiatives including some innovative concepts for Coastal cities such as Santa Cruz.”

Ahh yes, a Green Trade Network conference having Chevron give the keynote speech for them. Makes total sense, right? I mean, after all, Chevron couldn’t be the company that bankrolled the opposition to the California Clean Energy Initiative or was involved with helping to spread fear over the supposed dangers of CFL light bulbs. Right?

The blatant greenwashing by these major companies is just sad, really. And it’s up to us to call them on it and not let them get away with it. Spread the news, tell a friend, write a letter – if you see greenwashing, let others know about it!

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  1. Did you read the other article about the “sustainability” index? Walmart wants everyone else to be sustainable…except themselves. It’s a greenwash through and through.

  2. I’m with you on Chevron, but I have disagree with you about the Walmart sustainability index. While I understand that the company doesn’t have a good record on social responsibility, when a retailer as large as Walmart makes demands like this of their suppliers, it will have global impact. In that regard, I don’t think it’s greenwashing to have a PR firm that focuses on sustainability handling Walmart’s marketing about the index.

    This opinion won’t win me any popularity contests, I’m sure, but I’m a firm believer that big box stores have GOT to make steps in the right direction if the green movement is really going to gain traction with the masses. This index is just one step in that direction. Sure, Walmart has a LONG way to go, but why knock the changes they are making?

    Full disclosure: I am one of Walmart’s Elevenmoms, but I’d feel the same if any other big box store were making these types of demands of their suppliers.

  3. This is so frustrating. So, so frustrating. I hate Walmart. I agree that if we are going to have big box stores, they should work towards better sustainability, but by their very model they can never really be… and like you mention in the comment, they aren’t really trying anyway.

    And Chevron, really? Sheesh.

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