Greenwash Of The Week: Duh, It’s BP!

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Topical? Yes. Timely? Oh yes. While BP could have been accused of greenwashing their oil business in the past, they are now being accused of greenwashing their own oil spill cleanup efforts. Actually, I shouldn’t say accused – it’s just a fact that BP is doing everything they can to minimize their responsibility and control the damage to their image while not doing enough to actually stop the flow of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Think they care about the damage to the ocean, the coast, wildlife or the livelihoods of the people who make their living in the Gulf? Guess again. They only care about 2 things – money and image. Period. Want to read more? Check out these great articles about BP doing it’s best to continue greenwashing the public while trying to avoid responsibility for this oil spill:

BP’s Greenwashing Can’t Clean Up Their Spill

BP’s Greenwashing Masked Dangerous ”˜Drill, Baby, Drill’ Reality

BP greenwashing preceded monumental Gulf disaster

A quick look back at BP’s pre-spill greenwashing

7 Secrets BP Doesn’t Want You To Know

I would say to enjoy those articles, but it would be kind of hard to do…

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