Greenwash Of The Week: Europe’s ‘Green Week’ Sponsored By Coke.


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Here we go again. First, they sell bottled tap water in 30% plant-based plastic bottles and call it green. Then, an “eco” site pimps a Coke can missing its paint as “green”. Lately, they are a partner and participant in a conference called Sustainable Brands. (No, I’m not joking about that one – but I wish I was) And just last week, Coca-Cola was chosen as a sponsor of ‘Green Week’, an annual European Union conference debating environmental sciences. Seems strange that a company charged with creating water scarcity and polluted water from its bottling operations in India and who is the winner of the First Corporate Greenwashing Award would be headlining a ‘Green Week’ event for all of Europe.

But then again, we have learned that appearance is everything and action is nothing. If they can be called sustainable here in the US by a “Sustainable Brands” conference, why not in Europe at a “Green Week” as well? And if they are getting these labels just by paying a few bucks into these organizations, why bother doing anything actually green?

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  1. Because these orgs don’t bleed them dry and use it against them – they take some money and then allow companies like Coke to use them as cover for their totally “ungreen” activities. Just like the chemical companies being allow to participate at “Sustainable Brands” – for a little cash, it makes for good PR while not having to actually do anything good.

  2. Sounds more like ‘Green Weak’ to me. If the organizations we entrust to help raise awareness of sustainable issues and practices choose to side with the very perpetrators of these goals, then they don’t deserve to be in positions of power. If the organization has few options for sponsors and financial help, then they should at least have a keynote speaker present on the topic of Greenwashing and the true nature of that sponsor. I see no reason why we can’t attempt to bleed them dry of their blood money and use it against them.

  3. Which is precisely why it’s called Greenwashing. I would love to be in a position to direct an organization who had the opportunity to turn around on the very sponsors it receives, and teach them a lesson on ‘strength in numbers’ and ‘doing the right thing’.

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