Greenwash Of The Week: “Even Our Store Bags Are Disposable”.


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Um yea, that’s because everything in this world is disposable. I think the words you are looking for are either “biodegradable”, “recyclable”, or “reusable” not “disposable”. Anyway, there is a store in Santa Fe, NM called Zoe & Guido’s Pet Boutique that sells pet supplies, and they ran this ad in the Santa Fe New Mexican last weekend:

The ad is kind of grainy, so if you cannot read it, here is what it says – “We are Going Green! Hemp and organic collars, toys, beds, disposable doggie bags…even our store bags are disposable!“. This is a great example of a company proclaiming to “go green” to sell products while not even bothering to find out what it actually means. Greenwashing at its best! This is what we all have to be on the lookout for as companies try to jump on the bandwagon without actually doing anything green at all. Keep your eyes wide open when choosing what to believe and where to shop!
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  1. Heather, I do a “Greenwash of the Week” every Wednesday – check out the archives for even more greenwashing goodness. Glad you got a laugh, it’s quite amazing isn’t it?

  2. Wow, that’s funny.

    I don’t know if I’ve been living in a box or what, but I haven’t heard the term “greenwashing” until this post. It’s a great term for what many companies are doing right now…hopping on the green bandwagon.

    Definitely something to watch out for. Many thanks for the laugh this morning!

  3. is the most disturbing greenwash carried out on a large scale, it’s only goal – profit regardless of the consequences.

  4. Curtis- it’s not up to me to clarify for a company; it’s their ad. If they choose to run an ad trying to sell products by being “green” but have no idea what they are talking about, it’s greenwashing. These are the type of things that confuse people who don’t know what is green and what isn’t and dilutes the message.

    Adriana – I agree, they are a terrible company. But I don’t think they proclaim to be “green” at all, unless you have seen something I haven’t. If so, let me know!

  5. Your story on the disposable bag would be more convincing if you described what it was made of. Just because the poster is ambiguous, doesn’t mean that they haven’t switched to bags made of a biodegradable material. You didn’t appear to do any research. Instead, you laid bare the fact that few people know how to write clearly, using unambiguous language, but I already knew that.

  6. Thank you for responding David. What do you think of their company profile on their home page “…We help farmers grow yield sustainably so they can be successful, produce healthier foods, better animal feeds and more fiber, while also reducing agriculture’s impact on our environment.” I don’t understand how can agribusiness even pretend to try to reduce their impact on the environment since all their efforts are focused on altering of the ecosystem – the very nature of nature. True they don’t blatantly call themselves green but they try to appear as a company that cares for the environment. Meanwhile I shrink in horror reading about their genetically altered plants that produce sterile seeds, their awful lawsuits against small scale farmers etc…

    1. Oh believe me, I think they are horrible. It is a greenwash in a different way, for sure. Maybe will have to put something together about them, thanks for the encouragement! It makes me sick as well…

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