Greenwash Of The Week: Exxon/Mobil Named “Green Company Of The Year”.


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Wow. That’s really the only word I could say when I read this article at I am not sure how many ads Exxon/Mobil had to buy in the magazine to get this “award”, but something smells pretty fishy. Since when can a company that denies that climate change is happening, creates a product that is one of the dirtiest on earth, and has left oil spills all over the globe killing wild and aquatic life be granted the title of “Green Company of the Year”? Because they are interested in making money from algae? Does this forgive all their eco-sins over the past 50 years? Their newest goal is to drill for natural gas in Qatar and then ship it all over the world. Does that sound green to you?

Forbes is a very well-known finance magazine, so them giving the award to a major multi-billion dollar corporation doesn’t surprise me. But I do have to wonder about their journalistic integrity, picking a company that is normally on the “Worst Of” lists of environmental organizations. So while I am sure Exxon is very thankful to Forbes for helping them greenwash their readers, I think Forbes should be ashamed of themselves. Of all the companies who really do great things, it’s shameful they chose this company who doesn’t.

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  1. Hey, aren’t you being a bit harsh? what if Exxon really is repentant and have changed their ways. Maybe they actually deserve this award….. ha ha ha. This isn’t the green wash of the week, it’s the GREENWASH OF THE FRIGGING CENTURY

  2. All I can say is woooow…

    If I ever read Forbes, which I don’t, I would stop reading them on the basis of this alone. I don’t blame Exxon/Mobil nearly as much as I blame the bunch of “journalists” who gave them this recognition. Awards like this are why people think the whole concept of green is a marketing gimmick. If I read this article firsthand without any other information about TRULY green companies, I would probably agree with them.

  3. It’s thoughtless “awards” like this that makes the masses think that the Green Movement is just another “flavor of the year”. Heck, if you want to award an oil company, give it to BP. They are lightyears ahead of Exxon/Mobil with their Energy division. It’s frustrating that Forbes is getting to be soooooo shallow.

  4. what’s interesting is that forbes discounts wind energy as a possible solution and praises exxon/mobil for drilling and liquefying non-sustainable natural gas in Qatar, thus shipping it 8000 miles across the planet.

    Sustainable natural gas is a by product of biomass, which is both producible and distributable in america.

  5. Oh, Exxon is so full of it. I live on a 38,000 acre ranch iin South Texas. XOM has been operating here since 1935– they dump, lie, bury, kill birds — whatever they want. ANything to save a buck. I have unfettered access to their whole operation and I made a website with a blog and I wonder around their stuff. It’s really bad. They are just a bunch of bureaucrats.
    My site is

  6. I’ve heard comments over the years about Forbes just being a mouthpiece for corporate PR departments. “Awarding” ExxMob this “award” points more to an expose or investigation of how much and who they paid.

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