Greenwash Of The Week: “Green” Vending Machines.


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Oh boy, where to even begin with this one. Pepsi-Cola unveiled a new “green” vending machine to peddle sell their HFCS sugar water in plastic bottles. Greenwash, anyone? The machines are said to release a whopping 12% less greenhouse gasses than the previous models…but no one bothered to actually look at the product itself, only the machine giving it out. An article I read touted these new machines as more environmentally friendly than the other ones, but that’s like calling a 100 passenger jet more eco-friendly than one carrying 150 passengers. Neither one is really more eco-friendly than the other when you look at the numbers. Add in the fact that the new machines are really only a small part of the giant carbon footprint generated by soda, and these new machines barely make a difference.

A typical 12oz can of soda contains up to six grams (.013 pounds) of CO2 gas that is released each and every time one is opened. Billions upon billions of gallons are used to not only make the liquid you drink, but to also make the plastic packaging that is usually used only once and ends up in landfills for hundreds of years. One of our most precious resources, oil, is also used to make the plastic for holding the HFCS water inside. The carbon footprint of soda is pretty giant. So, while I am sure Pepsi will save money by using these new machines (otherwise, I doubt they would have invested in the technology, but who knows), I am not sure they are “green” or should be designated as such.

I will admit that I partake in the soda habit on occasion, for sure. But then again, I am not the one pretending it can be a green habit. 🙂

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  1. I agree with you on that, Jason. I am sure they are doing some good things, especially with Frito-Lay. But I just don’t like the greenwashing going on with these machines, that’s all. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Dear Pepsi,
    I don’t care how “green” your production process is or how “green” your vending machine is, if your product is causing obesity and a myriad of chronic diseases… you need to go back to the drawing board. Fix your product first, don’t use any plastic and then talk to me about “green”!

  3. You don’t bother to say what the green claim is as you are to busy being a purist I guess.

    I believe the claim is due to the use of a new CO2 based refrigeration scheme. None of the traditional refrigerants involved.

    There will be sodas sold (even to you as you state). It is preferable to use the new technology for the cooler than the old.

    This is one of my problems with many greens – the unrealistic purist streak. The world don’t work that way. Lets make improvements, step by step.

    1. Has nothing to do with being a purist; I admitted I drink soda right in the article. The point is that they are marketing a machine as “green” that A. isn’t and B. dispenses HFCS & water in plastic bottles. This is anything BUT green. Like soda? Drink away! Just don’t market it or it’s dispensers as green when it most clearly is not. You missed the entire point of the article in your rush to put people down, I am sorry you felt the need to do so.

  4. Pepsi, Coke or Mac Donald’s don’t make people fat.

    The pigs over consuming such things make themselves fat and then try to blame it on anyone/anything else.

    David – I didn’t miss the point at all. I rarely drink soda water, eat at fast food joints either. Greener is better than status quo, in my opinion.

    I would be interested in your view of what might be green.

  5. thank you for saying that you actually do enjoy a soda at the end of that…I was starting to feel waaaayyyyy too guilty. Sorry everyone, huge coca cola fan here. But very interesting info. Unfortunate and interesting.

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